Help Stop the Destruction of Large Trees & Use of Poisons around Lake Hodges

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  • Post last modified:July 15, 2015
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Under the guise of project titles such as:
the “Del Dios Habitat Protection League”
the “Oak Woodland Fire Fuel Reduction Project”
The Natural Resources Manager-Watershed and Resource Protection of The City Lakes of San Diego – has authorised a project which includes the removal & poisoning of the majority of Historic Mature Eucalyptus, Palm & Pepper Trees from the shores & trails surrounding Lake Hodges.

  • Scores of Cathedral Eucalyptus trees exceeding 100 years old are being cut to the ground
  • Dangerous Herbicide Poisons including Round-up (Glyphosate) & Garlon – made by Monsanto- Banned in the Netherlands & several U.S. cities – are being BROADLY sprayed throughout the trail & shoreline areas on tree trunks & grasses with complete disregard to public safety – no public notice, signage or barricades are posted
  • Vital Wildlife Habitats are being actively destroyed, permanently disturbed & left in hap-hazard uninhabitable disarray
  • Mounds of HIGHLY Flamable Debris from the logging are piled & have been left throughout the project area
  • Fear Tactics & Slanted Science are being used to support the agenda of what is obviously an enormous historical mistake-see FACTS dropdown
  • No transparency in Plan Process or Timeline
  • No regard for leaving the parkland in an aestheticly pleasing state


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