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When it comes to finding the right company for commercial landscape design implementation, C & H Gardens Artistic Landscape & Tree Service is the perfect fit. We are a family owned business and we have been in business since 1978. We have an artistic perspective, and do no subcontracting. We know how to take your unique vision and turn it into reality.

Commercial Landscape Design and creation are now under scrutiny by California State agencies, cities and local governments. With the advent of a several year drought, water has become a premium for most Southern California residents and commercial landscape properties are no exception. Surveying topography and attention to how the sun projects heat in micro climates daily and yearly are important concepts we understand. It is very important to apply these concepts to the spaces outside of buildings and requires previous experience for a successful commercial landscape.

With new drip technology and the use of reclaimed water, it has become a necessity to allow beauty in the world of commercial landscape. All plants in San Diego need water, especially during the hot summer months and city governments are requiring approved landscape design before new projects can begin or finish. C & H Gardens is currently available for a free consultation on your commercial landscape projects.

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Lawns are now a thing of the past and new cutting edge technology including the engineering of soil types to be used in the creation of run-off basins for the purpose of drainage sequestration is now common place in the landscape contractor’s bag of tricks.

Landscape design has evolved from the archaic method of designing an attractive area without the consideration of energy and water conservation. Lawns are becoming an aspect of the past. New cutting edge technology including specially engineered soil types, the creation of run-off basins and drainage sequestration is now common place in the landscape contractor’s bag of tricks. Decomposed granite, rock, and water absorbing materials like wood chips are now being used with greater frequency throughout San Diego. In fact, the number of plants which were once specified for many commercial buildings and homes has now been reduced by half and sometimes even two thirds for each individual project. This minimalism creates something quite novel, attractive and yet at the same time, very water-wise. Succulents, grasses and many drought tolerant plants that have been used sparingly for years have now become the rule for most new projects.
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Saving water and creating low maintenance design is the direction most landscape contractors, architects, and cities are moving towards. However, one important caveat that most professionals overlook in these water saving designs is the advent of refractive heat and the effect it has on the garden.

By installing too much rock, Decomposed Granite, or leaving too much open space in the landscape between plants without shadow or shade;  overwhelming refractive heat is generated and stored from the sun playing  havoc with the building, the surrounding plants and the visitors themselves.

It is important to realize that a natural balance between softening and cooling plants incorporated with inorganic materials is very important.  Mounds and grade changes help cool soils as the sun transitions throughout the day and these grade changes play a very important role in the placement of low maintenance, shade producing trees.   Trees, always the final say in water conservation are truly the unsung heroes for this new paradigm.