C & H Gardens Tree Services Division offers licensed arboricultural tree work coupled with artistic sensitivity that can create a professional look for your home or business.

Allow the tree experts at C & H Gardens to take care of your residential or commercial tree removal and trimming needs. At C & H Gardens we offer licensed commercial and residential tree care coupled with artistic sensitivity to create a beautiful look for your home or business.

We care for all varieties of trees and shrubbery.

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C & H Gardens can meet the specific needs of your commercial or residential tree care and maintenance. Call us at 760.846.2200 and we can come survey your property and provide a free estimate. Our goal is to achieve a superior aesthetic appeal with your landscaping and enhance the health and vigor of your trees maintaining a proper balance between the hardscape and soft landscape.  We meet city code requirements, safety issues and help you stay within your budget.  We will cut trees of all shapes, types and sizes.

C & H Gardens specializes in a full range of arboriculture vegetation management services including yearly maintenance, tree pruning, lacing, shaping, tree removal, stump grinding, cabling, bracing, fertility treatment, pest and disease control, tree installation, transplanting, eco restoring, water wise conservation, and drought-tolerant landscaping, known as Xeriscape.

Tree Removal Services

C & H Gardens performs small and large tree removal.  We have been removing trees in North County and the rest of San Diego since 1978.   We offer comprehensive tree transplant (moving) services.  If you have a tree that threatens your home or business and need emergency tree removal, let us know so that we can remove the dangerous tree from your property. 
Removal of falling trees in San Diego

Tree Stump Grinding

Stump grinding refers to the removal of a tree stump through the process of grinding it below the surface of the soil so that small elements may be planted again in its space.  IF you’re looking for tree stump grinding in San Diego, C & H Gardens has you covered.  We have machinery to get your stump removed ASAP!

Call 760.846.2200 and allow us to provide you with a free quote today!

Tree Trimming Services

C & H Gardens offers licensed residential and commercial tree service work, coupled with artistic sensitivity and can create a professional look for your home or business.  Our tree trimming service area includes all of North County as well as other areas in San Diego.


Lacing is the process by which the tree is thinned to 20 or 30% of its original thickness in order to let light and air into the canopy and the landscape below the tree. The term tree lacing refers to the look of the tree after trimming in which the symmetrical opening and pruning of the tree leaves the canopy looking like a bridal veil or lace table cloth where it can be seen though.

Tree Shaping and tipping

Shaping and tipping are very close to the same thing as lacing. Shaping is the process that creates a rounded natural overall canopy for the tree. Tipping does the same thing but as the word implies, only the tips of the smaller branches are cut back with a pole pruner on an extension saw in order to control growth gently and not reduce canopy size with harsh large diameter cuts as can be affected with shaping an out of control tree with a chainsaw.

Topping Tree Service

Topping is the act of reducing the overall height of a tree by cutting the central supporting trunks with a saw at a lower point in the tree. This is desirable only if the tree has reached a dangerous height next to a building or traffic area. Typically, topping is an undesirable method of tree pruning in that it create weak new growths that emanate from the latent buds found around the outside of any trunk or branch after severe pruning. These new growths have weak connections to the original trunk and break easily in high winds and wet conditions. They also typically ruin the beauty of a mature tree with their wooly appearance and require frequent pruning to prevent branch loss and unsightly appearance.
Tree Topping Services in North County San Diego
Ornamental Tree Pruning

This refers to light regular pruning that promotes growth and beauty in the tree without taking away from your natural landscape design.  Are you’re trees overgrown and looking rough around the edges? Let our tree pruners shape your trees for safety and beauty.

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