C & H Gardens Premium Seasoned Firewood for Sale

C & H Gardens Artistic Landscape & Tree Service has been in the business of selling seasoned firewood to homes across San Diego County since 1978.
We offer affordable prices with a quality that you will not find elsewhere in Southern California.  It’s the exact same wood that we use for our family.  The best part is that we can deliver it to your location during a time convenient to you and your needs.  The wood is split and dried accordingly to ensure the cleanest and warmest use in your fireplace. The wood we carry at C & H Gardens sells out quickly during Christmas, so hurry and get your cord or half-cord while this premium seasoned firewood supply lasts for the winter months!
firewood for sale in san diego
Firewood for Sale
We offer firewood delivery services in San Diego county year-round.  Give us a call at 760-846-2200 today!